关于 Linode 图表缝隙问题的原因技术

maybe yes 发表于 2020-08-26 00:43

Why Linode graphs has gaps? Lets look the official's answer.



#14435220: Why? Why Does The Restart Not Give Any Notice?
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I often see server outages in the 24-hour chart. Why? It has been particularly unstable since the maintenance on August 5th. This has caused a lot of damage to us. Why?

Linode Expert
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Hi there,

I'd be happy to help you out here. I've had a look at your Linode and the host it resides on; I don't see any indicators of downtime, nor do we have reports of other people experiencing downtime around that time.

With that said, I do see the gaps in your graphs that make it seem like your Linode was down. This is due to a an interruption in the data collection from our system. We are in the progress of upgrading the services that collect this data, which is why you have been seeing these gaps in the graphs. This information comes from the perspective of the host, but our Longview Service is a better representation from the perspective of your Linode. Many of our customers also implement their own monitoring solutions to keep an eye on their Linodes.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.

Bobby Palko
Linode Support Team
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